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Recommended for: Artist, Group (Album, Mixtape, Songs, Videos, Events) 

We offer an affordable and effective "Artist Promotion" campaign including all essential services like press release writing, promotion graphic design, and results-driven distribution for recording artists on both major and independent level. 

Publicity isn't a one-shot effort, and there are no overnight successes in genealogy. For that reason, a minimum of three (3) months is highly recommended for your personalized publicity campaign. During the promotion campaign, we'll be reviewing your artist questionnaire, discussing promotion and publicity plans with you, writing official press releases, sending out multiple promotion runs per month to our professional music mailing list subscribers distributing your music content to radio, television, blogs, online and print Publications, DJs, major and indie labels, consumers etc., as well as beginning to set up interviews.



  • Setting up Press Days 
  • Album/EP Launches 
  • Secure Media Coverage (Regional/National/International) 
  • Offering Article Ideas to Media Outlets 
  • Professional Networking (Radio/TV/Media Outlets/DJs) 
  • Free Customer Service